Riding Party Pace since 2009.

Whether it’s grinding some gravel, enjoying #coffeeoutside, or building bike tourism, we believe there’s more to cycling than just placing onto a podium.

We’re Russ Roca and Laura Crawford. In 2009, we took a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and sold everything we owned to travel by bike. We spent three years pedaling over 15,000 miles across the US and New Zealand – all while sharing stories from our travels to inspire others to also travel by bike. Along the way, we began to see how cycling can bring economic development to rural areas, which led us to partner with communities and agencies across the US to build a richer understanding of bicycle tourism.

In 2016, we shifted to YouTube,to showcase the vast and growing world of non-competitive cycling – aka riding #partypace. There’s an entrenched idea that hard and fast is the only way to ride a bike, and we don’t buy it. We ride for fun and camaraderie, for travel and transportation – and we’re building a community of like-minded cyclists. It’s a space for people of all genders, races, cultural backgrounds, body shapes, physical abilities, and LGBTQ+ status – but maybe not for people who shun no-drop rides.

Sometimes we marvel at the winding path that brought us to where we are today. As two people who don’t look like or ride like traditional industry-backed cyclists, we know the bike world can seem a bit off-putting at first. We also know there are a lot of good people doing the good work of making space for all of us to ride our own rides and enjoy it. Thanks for joining us and say Hi if you ever see us out on a ride!

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