About Us

A brief history of the Supple Life.

Whether it’s riding gravel, hosting #coffeeoutside, or building bike tourism, we believe there’s more to cycling than just placing onto a podium. 

Laura and Russ: riding how we want since 2005.

Way back in 2009, we took a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and sold everything we owned to travel by bike. We spent three years pedaling over 15,000 miles across the US and New Zealand – all while sharing stories from our travels to inspire others to also travel by bike. Along the way, we began to explore how cycling can bring economic development to rural areas via bicycle tourism.

In 2016, we took our love of all things bike to YouTube, to showcase the vast and growing world of non-competitive cycling – and #thesupplelife was born.

We’re here to counter the noise that claims that riding hard and fast is the only way to ride a bike – because that attitude ignores the vast majority of us who ride bikes for fun and community and transportation, or who simply don’t look like the traditional industry-favored roadie. We’ve built this community around #thesupplelife and riding #partypace because we believe there’s no one right way to ride a bike – and because there’s space in the bike world for all of us, regardless of gender, race, abilities, or LGBTQ+ status.


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