After some discussion and an open question to our Twitter and Facebook followers (my subtle hint to get you to follow us so you can help us make future decisions on our trip!) as to which bike I should ride (my Bilenky cargo bike or my Surly LHT), I’ve decided to take the Surly on this trip. There were several reasons – weight, ease of use with transit, etc., Since it’s more or less in its tour ready form, I thought I’d break it down for those that are interested.

Frame: The frame is actually a green 2008 LHT that I had powder coated to the cream you see before you. A few months later, Surly announced the Truckaccino color. Coincidence? : )

Brakes: Brakes are Tektro 720 cantilevers with salmon-colored Kool Stop pads. The pads really make the brakes. They’re grippy and improved my braking by atleast %15. The brake levers are just run of the mill Tektro aero levers with a button to release the brakes.

Cranks and Drivetrain: The cranks are a NOS square taper XTR that actually started its life on my other touring bike, an Trek 520. The smallest chainring is 22 and the largest is a 46. I don’t know if its particularly light, but it does seem pretty strong and long wearing. These cranks have survived several tours and the inevitable bike tipping over.

I have an XT front derailleur and XT rear. I’m using Rivendell’s Silver shifters since they’re light and maintenance free with a ratcheting mechanism that makes for nice shifts.

Pedals: I’m using the MKS Lambda pedals (aka Rivendell Grip Kings). They provide a lot of support for your feet and they play pretty well with my Keen sandals.

Wheels and Tires: I built these wheels and I’m particularly proud of them. They’ve survived thousands of miles, many that were on rather inhospitable dirt roads. The front is 32H Velocity Dyad laced to a Shimano dynamo hub. The rear is a 36h Velocity Dyad laced to an LX hub. For tires, I’m using 26×1.75 inch Panaracer Paselas.

Handlebar: Nitto Randonneurs. Nothing fancy here. Handlebar tape is 3 rolls of Tessotar natural tape that I shellaced.

Racks: The rear is a Tubus Cosmo. Sturdy, great hardware, double rails and usable platform. The front is a Surly Nice rack (not pictured), sturdy, lots of hardware and seemingly indestructible, if not a touch heavy.

Bottle Cages: Some retro Velo-Orange cages that I wrapped in leather.

Saddle: Dark brown leather B-17 with copper rivets. The best : )

Misc: The kickstand is a double-legged Pletscher. Seatpost is from Velo-Orange. Fenders are from SKS.