The past few days have been consumed with trying to get rid of our stuff. Today we had a group yard sale with our other bikey friends. Laura and I had to make 4 trips with an Xtracycle and Bilenky + Burley trailer! It was a lot of stuff!

Fortunately, we managed to sell more than half of everything we brought and raised a few hundred dollars towards our trip. It’s funny that the less stuff we have, the more our trip is becoming a reality. Right now our apartment still looks more or less the same. A little less clutter, but we still have a couch, TV and bed. I think once those big things start to disappear and we start camping in our living room, the trip will finally seem REAL.

There was a little moment of sadness sometime during the yard sale when I realized what it would mean to say goodbye to all these great people we have developed friendships with over the years. Long Beach has its flaws, but despite it all, Laura and I have found some goodhearted people that we will miss.

One highlight though, is that Laura’s giant Eeyore stuffed animal found a good home with our friend Jenny.