I put together our first photo book of bike touring images. All these photos are from our bike tour from Paso Robles to Ventura, CA via the Carrizo Plain. Carrizo is one of the most remote areas in California with dramatic vistas of – nothing. On the trip we had to carry food for several days and about two gallons of water.

One of our goals as we travel is to put together a series of books of our travels and the interesting people we meet. We quite haven’t decided if it makes sense to do a book per person, or by region or by season…too hard to tell right now. A lot of this project is very organic and is open change.

Regardless, I put one together to test the print quality and to see if it would work for our needs. The book itself is printed and distributed through Blurb. The book size is 7×7 inches. I love the square format for photo books and this size is just the right size. I’ve had different photo books made and I’m really pleased with the quality of the Blurb books.

You can order a copy here and help keep us going!