Today has been busy. Shortly after Annie left, our friends Bryan and Cynthia came by (@boc and @bky for tweeters). They’re a great bikey couple that we first bumped into a few years ago at the LACBC River Ride. We met them at a pitstop, chatted and have kept in contact since. Interestingly, Bryan is a big fan of orange (like me) and Cynthia is a fan of purple (like Laura).

Today, they stopped by to pick up a Park TS-2. They want to learn to build their own wheels and jumped at the chance when I put my stand up for cheap. They also walked out with a few Riv Readers and some bike parking stands. We went out for a quick pint and rode the sharrows in Belmont Shore. Traffic was moving really slow so we were able chat the whole way through.

It was great to see them (great to move more stuff) and hopefully we’ll see them again at our Let’s Go Touring presentation.