Meet the studio that’s coming with me on the road…

It’s riding up front, in one of my fancy new Swift front panniers. It’s balanced on the other side by the kitchen.

It’s pretty fun that my entire studio can condense all the way down to a front pannier. I’ve had to make a few concessions (for example, I’m not bringing a torch), and I have to make sure that everything is packed just perfectly so that it will all fit (and have some room to grow once I start making pieces and carrying them with me). But, I’ll tell you, as much as I miss my workbench, it’s really quite liberating to not have piles of possible components and rarely-used tools weighing me down.

On my jewelry blog, I’ve listed out all the tools and components (in case you’re really curious). But, suffice it to say, I’ve got just about everything I need to be a traveling artisan.

Last night, I finished packing it all into the pannier and now it’s sitting in one empty corner of the apartment… waiting for the inspiration that will hit when we get out on the open road!