This afternoon, I bid farewell to our bed… and moved us one step closer to camping in the apartment. Our neighbor thought I was crazy for letting it go (and especially crazy that I didn’t charge a whole lot of money for it), but I was (and still am) happy to pass it along to its new owner, the sister of a friend’s friend. To me, it seemed silly for us to store the bed and frame for some unknown amount of time when someone else could use it. Plus, I believe in karma, and I believe that our giving away furniture will come back around in some good way in the future.


But, I tell ya, the bedroom sure does look strange now. When we moved into the apartment, they had just installed brand new carpet. Over the past four and half years, the carpet has become really matted down… except in those rare spots where we haven’t walked. That chunk of real estate under the bed is one of those spots, so there’s this nice, fluffy (albeit dusty) chunk of carpet in the middle of the room, surrounded by an ocean of really flat carpet. Strange.

So, tonight, we commence sleeping on the floor… or, rather, on the sleeping pads on the floor. And, in this one room, it actually feels like we’re doing okay for time, and there’s no reason for us to panic about getting everything done.