After spending the past few weeks poking around Western Washington, we made a command decision… to move on. We have loved Washington, and we feel that we have hardly seen all that it has to offer… but we have spent a lot of time here and there’s just so much more to see!

Our original plan had us going out to the San Juan Islands, then across Washington somehow and out to Montana. Well… we puttered around the islands long enough that it’s now late enough in the year that we need to start thinking about winter (as strange as it seems, since it’s still technically summer). So… we will just have to explore Montana when we roll back around next summer.

In the meantime, we decided to hop on Amtrak today. We’re headed to Eugene, OR and we’re enjoying the fact that, on the Cascades line, you can buy a ticket for your bike (thus guaranteeing there’s space for it), without having to stick it in a box first. (Of course, the downside is that the train out of Bellingham doesn’t go all the way to Eugene, and we have to switch trains.)

Our apologies to all the folks out in Washington, Idaho or Montana that we didn’t get to hook up with… we’ll see you when we come back around!

From Eugene, we haven’t decided exactly which direction we’ll take. But we do know that we’ll wind up working our way over to the coast and heading south (through the redwoods) to the Bay Area (so if you’re in that neck of the woods, start sending us tips on where we should go and who we should meet!).