Just a short post to let everyone know what we’ve been up to. We’ve been rotating between home stays with our great friends. Laura has been busy with Bike Mustaches and I’ve been doing some family shoots and work for old clients.

We stayed with some blog readers who recently did a trip to Slab City. They helped us do a little route planning and gave us a great wrinkled old map of the “city.” We’re planning to spend our Christmas there, surrounded by the strange tribe that has settled on the surreal banks of the Salton Sea.

We stayed with our friend Chris one last time who helped me lighten our load a little by shortening some power cords.

We also poured over some maps of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to figure out a rough path and figure out what small towns we want to check out. He also gave us some last minute advice and then we parted ways.

We’ll be pushing off soon. Our Long Beach interlude was pleasant, but we’re both getting that itch to strike out for the open road. Also, we don’t want to be that strange guy who got laid off at the office but still comes and visits, hanging out the water cooler, making everyone uncomfortable. You get the picture.

So hang on Dear Readers, we’ll be on the road again soon enough!