After traipsing around Texas for the past three months, we are making our way to Louisiana and beyond. We’ve managed a pretty good tour of most of the various regions of this state, and can honestly say that we have loved our experiences here. We plan to put up a big wrap-up on our Texas adventures, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we wanted to share our ideas about where we are headed from here. If we’re headed toward you or if you know of something near our route, please drop us an email and let us know!

Our rough plan (so far) is this… We’ll be crossing into Louisiana way up north and rolling into Shreveport for a couple days. From Shreveport, we’ll head east to Jackson, Mississippi. At Jackson, we’ll be able to hop on the Natchez Trace and ride that all the way up to Nashville, Tennessee.

We debated long and hard about all that we would be cutting out by taking this route. I have wanted to visit New Orleans for a long time, so it wasn’t easy to choose to skip it. But, at the base of it all is the realization that it’s mid-May and already 90 degrees and extremely humid. If we don’t hightail it in a northerly direction, we’ll find ourselves smack dab in more of this weather than we can tolerate. (The silver lining to missing a good chunk of the US that we actually want to see is that we’ll have a reason to plan another trip out this way at some point in the future.)

The more we look at where this route will take us, the more excited we get. Neither of us has ever stepped foot in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi or Tennessee, so we are extremely curious about what we will find, what it will look like, and where the best fried chicken will be. We’ll be rolling through the land that gave rise to the Blues and we’ll be exploring communities with a deep craft tradition. No doubt, the next few weeks and months will be full of new experiences, and we are excited. Again, if you have any tips for us, please send them our way.

Thanks everyone!