Since our next adventure will involve a lot of hopping aboard the train with our Bromptons, we wanted to find out what all of you think about the train-bike combination here in the US. Not only will it give us an idea of how many of our readers are interested in this sort of touring, but it will help us work toward more bike-friendly multi-modal travel options.

If you have ever taken a long-distance (i.e. not a metro-area light rail) Amtrak-operated train in the US (especially if you’ve ever brought a bicycle with you on the train), please take a few minutes to answer this quick survey about your experience. We promise that it’s short, and it will be immensely valuable!

Click here to take the survey now.

Please do not refer to non-US train experiences when completing the survey. If you haven’t taken a train in the US, but want to send us your input, please leave a comment on this post. Many thanks!!