We’re pretty excited to be going to Interbike this year with the help of our friends from Nashville Bicycle Lounge! We’ll be keeping an eye out for new commuting and touring products so check the site for updates that week. If there’s anything specific you want us to cover, email us. We’ll also be hanging out at the Klean Kanteen booth trying to meet up with readers and other bloggers (details soon!).

We’d also love to relay to Brompton directly how our trip has changed your perception of their bike! If our adventure has inspired you to go on your own multi-modal trip or get a Brompton, let us know. If our trip made you consider incorporating Amtrak or other modes of transportation into your bike tour, let us know (we’re still compiling a document we want to send to Amtrak). Either email us, use our Connect page, or leave a comment below. We think that they’re great bikes capable of some great adventures and we’d love to see them develop their touring luggage line and reach out to the US market more.