As you know, I’ve been on a quest to minimize our electronics even further. On our first trip, I was lugging around a DSLR, lightstand, tripod, strobes, etc., Since then, I’ve drastically cut down the load, but we’ve also started to incorporate more video on the site. For our latest Brompton trip, we’ve been using a small Canon HD solid state camcorder which we bought used on EBay. It has worked out pretty well so far, but I want to to cut down even more.

I’ve been watching the Micro 4/3 camera systems for some time but hesitated on pulling the trigger. However, I feel that the system is now getting close to maturity. There are some great lenses out for the system and the size is just right or travel. Interestingly, the Olympus PEN cameras also do video and I’ve been toying around with the idea of just carrying two PENs on our next adventure to shoot both stills and video. I’ll do a more indepth review later, but I just wanted to post a quick video experiment with the E-PM1 that Olympus sent me as part of their Pen Ready project. So far, so good! If you’re interested in what I’m carrying or want to purchase a camera and help support our site, check out our Amazon store with the list of camera gear I’m trying out.