In this video review, we take a look at the “small” handlebar bag by Arkel. I use the air quotes because for a small bag it is fairly big! The current trend is to get all rando with a small front rack and boxy style bag that sits on the platform. I’m a big fan of rando bags. I am NOT a fan of having to buy and install a small front rack for every bike I want to use the bag on. Thus began the search for just a Plane Jane handlebar bag.

What led me to the Arkel handlebar bag was primarily its aluminum quick release system. I despise the current “smash a wire” technology employed by every other handlebar bag maker. They are essentially single use and a pain to move from bike to bike. Arkel’s system seems more elegant (and weighs less than a mini front rack) but I could never find a good video of how they actually worked. So I made one.

I won’t go into too much detail (that’s what the vid is for!), but here’s the executive summary.


Great mounting system
Roomy for a small bag


Straight out of the 70s styling
No rain cover for $120
High position on the handlebar takes getting use to after rack bags

After an exhaustive search in Portland, I could not find a small black one in person so I had to order it sight unseen from the good folks at Arriving By Bike in Eugene, OR. Buy yours local or get one from them.

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