One of the most hyped bikes at this year’s Saddle Drive was the All-City Cosmic Stallion. I’ve personally owned the original Space Horse for the number of years and was curious to see how the Cosmic Stallion would be different. The folks at Joe Bike in Portland, kindly let me get one dirty. Check out the video for the ride review. If you want the written executive summary, scroll down. As, always, if you love the video reviews, consider being a monthly subscriber to help keep the lights on.

Overall, the ride quality of the Cosmic Stallion remains similar to the original Space Horse, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think of the Cosmic Stallion as a more modern and slightly more performance oriented Space Horse. I was hoping for more noticeable gains or changes with the ACE tubing, but it was subtle at best. Still, the Cosmic Stallion is a great swiss army knife bike if you don’t already own a gravel/all-road bike. If you do, then the features might not be enticing enough to make you jump ship.

-Same stable and comfortable long ride geometry as the OG Space Horse
-Ability to run multiple wheel sizes and take advantage of new “road plus” tires
-Marginally lighter and stiffer for some performance gains
-Great component choices

-Stock Clemente MSO tires are durable but sluggish on climbs, would have preferred something more supple and lighter (Panaracer Gravel King, anything by Compass)
-Hyped ACE tubing only gives subtle changes to ride quality. Not as mind blowing as you would think.
-Weird sizing numbers. A 49 is reallly a 52…a 52 is really a 54, etc.,
-Small sizes are spec’d with 700c instead of 650b