It has been a whirlwind few weeks for us without stable internet (or if there was internet we were too darn tired to update). As I’m writing this, I’m trying to stay awake and punch some keys and put a post up. We are in Austin and found a place to stay the night thanks to our great Facebook fans. So this is what has been going on…

After battling headwinds we seek shelter in a newly refurbished motel in Comstock. For our fellow bike travelers, this is their contact info. What comes up on Google searches is incorrect. The couple that own the place are kind and generous and gave us a lift to Del Rio on the icky foggy day we were to leave.

In Del Rio we run into an older woman on tour riding West across the country with a dog! She’s prone to seizures and Rosie (the dog) is a trained service dog.

In San Antonio, I meet up with a family member who takes us out to The Cove (great burgers and beer) and fills me in our family history. From him, I learn where I get my literature/writing impulses.

Laura gets a tour of the Southwest School of Art and Craft.

We visit the Alamo and leave right before a throng of school kids swarm it!

A shot of the “river walk” in San Antonio – a collection of touristy shops and restaurants.

We talk with the owner at Blue Star Bikes about carrying more touring and high end commuting gear.

Our host in New Braunfels guides us from the sprawl of San Antonion through beautiful country roads to Gruene and New Braunfels.

The Texas desert gives way to water and TREES!

Trees AND water, a pleasant change of scenery.

We try the BBQ at Smitty’s in Lockhart. Here’s a shot inside the big soot covered room where you order and they cut your meat.

A shot of all our stuff at Lockhart State Park. With the weather warming up, it’s actually nice to camp again.

We’ll write more soon. I just wanted to put some photos up from the last few days.