Hey Austin peoples!

We’ve been hinting about leading a S24O trip out of Austin, for folks interested in experiencing a bike trip without having to do too much planning. Now… we just need to nail down the details!

Originally, we had thought that we would leave on Saturday, April 10 and return Sunday, April 11. But… it turns out that it’s Spring… and Texans like to go camping in the Spring… and all the reservable campgrounds are booked solid for that night.

Which leaves us with two options, and we thought we’d put it up for a vote…

1. We keep the April 10-11 date, but head for Emma Long Metropolitan Park. Emma Long is a first-come, first-served park, so there would be no guarantee that we would actually wind up with a campsite (unless someone wanted to volunteer to head out there early and hold some space for us). But, this would allow us to keep the original date.

2. We move the date to Monday night, April 12 (return Tuesday morning, April 13), and head to McKinney Falls State Park. We can reserve at McKinney, and not many people will be camping on a Monday anyway. It would also end up being a shorter length trip (a true S24O, if you will), and we would probably leave in the early evening and return in the morning.

So… if you’re interested in joining us on this trip, please chime in with your opinion… Should we go on April 10 to Emma Long? or Should we go on April 12 to McKinney Falls?

Many thanks in advance! As soon as we pick a destination, we’ll nail down all the rest of the details.