We just got off the train a few hours ago and are now back in Southern California. We’ve taken Amtrak from Oregon to California more than a few times and have always enjoyed it, especially in the sleeper car. We’ve ridden our fair share of coach trips and have since been spoiled by taking the sleeper. If at all possible, we will opt for the extra room, the ability to lay down and the included meals. But what’s it like? Doing a search on Youtube didn’t bring up many good examples of the experience, so we thought we’d give you all a sneak peak into the sleeper cars. (Youtube version)

Amtrak remains one of our favorite ways to travel with a bicycle. Compared to flying or Greyhound, Amtrak has a fairly enlightened policy when it comes to bikes and we’ve always had great customer service with them. On our last adventure, we had hoped to highlight the possibilities of multi-modal travel. We would have preferred to integrate the train more than we did, but things didn’t work out as planned. However, It is still our belief that combining rail and bicycles has great possibilities in our country’s transportation future.

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