PathLessPedaled – Travel by Bike – California Dreaming! from Russ Roca on Vimeo.

Apologies for the website being quiet. The last few months have been a whirlwind of pre-production, filming, editing (lots of editing) of Oregon Scenic Bikeway videos. We’re finally winding down for the year, which means we can partake in some actual bicycle travel! Our plan (using the term loosely) is to head South to California. We’re taking the Amtrak down to San Luis Obispo, our happy spot, to spend a few days of some leisurely riding and relaxing in the sun. From there, we’re planning a quick trip to Ventura and possibly Ojai then off to my parent’s place near Burbank for Christmas. After a few days of riding in the mountains, we’ll head South again visiting friends along the way. The trip will be an honest to goodness ramble with a loose schedule

Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation to shoot some video and make a little series out of the trip. Episodes will be short (probably 2 to 3 minutes at the maximum), with some fun and interesting content. We’re doing no pre-production so we’re winging the stories as we go. But, if you want to meet up or have something interesting and bikey to check out email us! We’re so looking forward to exploring again by bike and hope you’ll follow along. And if you have ideas or want to meet up, don’t be shy.