The holidays are upon us. In this video, we give you five stocking stuffer ideas for the bicyclist in your life. For those that prefer to watch than read, here are the items in no particular order.

Safety Pizza:

A fun and quirky twist on the safety flag! Eye catching to both fellow cyclists and motorists.

Travel Cribbage:
Our favorite way to unwind after a long day in the saddle (if we’re not fishing) or to pass the time in the tent during a rainy afternoon.

Wool Buff:

We take atleast four on every bicycle tour. So versatile and can be used in both cold and hot weather.

Opinel #6:
A classic looking knife perfect for food preparation on bike tour. They are small, inexpensive and easy to sharpen on the road. Bonus, is that they develop a cool patina after lots of use.

Showerspass Crosspoint Socks Wool:

Waterproof socks that feel like socks and not like a weird plastic bag. If you can, splurge on the version with the wool liner.