There are two words that I would use to describe the past two days… Surreal and Grateful.

No doubt, most readers have heard about our recent road rage incident in Wellington, NZ, in which Russ was tackled to the ground by an angry driver and punched. It was shocking and bizarre and we are still trying to wrap our heads around what happened and what it means. Yesterday, we spent some time talking with reporters from the NZ Herald and the Dominion Post, and today we woke to two great articles from each newspaper about the incident. In response, we have received an absolutely incredible outpouring of support from Kiwis around the world, eager for us to know that this incident is not representative of the NZ that they love and live in.

Far from making us angry or bitter or scaring us off of our bikes, the whole event has made us very thankful and hopeful. Whatever else happens, we hope that the incident has sparked a conversation about cycling and road culture in NZ, and that it will lead to some positive change for cyclists.

Russ has been trying to focus on writing a post or piecing together a video about the incident, and we hope to share that soon. We know you’ll understand that it’s been a complicated experience for him to process.

Many thanks to our readers, old and new, for your support! We are okay and trying to turn this lemon into some sweet lemonade.

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